Society For Assistance To Fisherwomen (SAF)

Society for Assistance to Fisherwomen is an institution registered under Travancore- Cochin Literary and Charitable Societies Act 1955.  This Society is registered in June 1, 2005. Area of operation of SAF is entire Kerala state. Administrative Office of SAF is at Fisheries Training Centre, East Kadungallur, U.C.College P.O., Aluva 2, Ernakulam (Dt).

Major objectives

  • •To initiate, encourage and strengthen locally organised social organisation among fisherwomen in coastal areas.
  • •To provide assistance to the fisherwomen of BPL for enterprising the skill of expertise, business development, preparation of plan estimates, organisation of resource and market surveys, performance improvement programme etc. and encourage and guide the enterprises and to arrange credit facilities for them.
  • •To help the fisherwomen to avail the development schemes and women welfare schemes, women empowerment schemes implemented by Local Self Government/State Government/Central Government/other Agencies.
  • •To pick up micro enterprises for traditional fisherwomen in the neighborhood groups framed by Local Self Government/NGO's and assist them technically/financially to start new micro enterprises.
  • •To strengthen the socially based Self Help Groups and neighborhood groups under Grama Panchayat, Municipalities and Corporation.
  • •To strengthen the socially and co-ordinate of poverty eradication programmes.
  • •Need based convergence of resources of various Departments and organizations for fisherwomen welfare activities.
  • •To promote the BPL fisherwomen, who are not members of existing SHG's, to organize livelihood based SHGs and to start micro enterprises.
  • •To organize activities under the leadership of Women for health, education and developmental programmes in fisheries sector.
  • •To formulate and utilization of a multi-disciplinary team, including experienced officials, for implementation of project for integrated development of fisherwomen in all areas.
  • •To assist in improving the efficiency of SHGs for planning and implementation special schemes in fisheries sector.
  • •To strengthen the organized livelihood activities of fisherwomen groups and to strengthen their economic efficiency.
  • •To organize the activities to protect basic infrastructure facilities and the basic rights of fisher folk.

Governing Body

1. Honorable Minister for Fisheries                              :             Chairman

2. Secretary to Govt. Fisheries                                    :             Vice Chairman

3. Director of Fisheries                                               :             Member

4. Representative of Kudumbasree                              :             Member

5. Managing Director of KSWDC                                 :            Member

6. Managing Director of Matsyafed                             :             Member

7. Executive Director ADAK                                        :             Member

8. Additional Secretary, Finance                                  :             Member

9. Secretary, LSG or his Nominee                                :             Member

10. Joint Director of Fisheries, South Zone                  :             Member

11. Executive Director, SAF                                        :             Member Convener

 Executive Committee

1. Government Secretary, Fisheries                             :             Chairman

2. Director of Fisheries                                               :             Vice Chairman

3. Managing Director, Matsyafed                                :             Member

4. Executive Director ADAK                                        :             Member

5. Joint Director of Fisheries, South Zone                    :             Member

6. Executive Director, SAF                                          :             Member Convener



1.        Economic empowerment of Fisher women

2.        Construction /Modernization of fish market

3.        Sustainability of micro enterprises

4.        Value Added fish production unit

5.        Market support to Fisherwomen

6.        Interest free loan to fisherwomen

7.        Development of Micro Enterprises

8.        TEAP dry fish unit

9.        Tsunami Emergency Assistance Project - Development of Micro Enterprises TEAP PhaseII

10.      Tsunami Rehabilitation Programme - Development of Micro Enterprises .

11.      Tsunami Rehabilitation Programme – Hand Made Toiletry

12.      Tsunami Rehabilitation Programme- Rural Marketing Executives

13.      Prime Ministers National Relief Fund

14.      Theeramythri Phase I

15.      Theeramythri Phase II


Contact us:-

Head office:

Fisheries Training Centre,

East Kadungallooor,

UC College PO, Aluva-2,


Email:- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Name & Designation




Smt. C.R. Satyavathy Executive Director