The objective of Matsyafed as spelt out in its bye-law is to carry out activities for promoting production, procurement, processing and marketing of fish and fishery products for the total development (Economic, Social and Culture) of fishermen community. In order to achieve this objective Matsyafed has taken various activities which can very broadly be classified as –

I.Developmental Programmes

1)Fish Auction: Primary scale of fish through 232 Fishermen Development Welfare Co-operative societies with the participation of 43330 fishermen and 52049 ton fish fetched value of Rs. 142.15 Crore during 2010-11.

2)Integrated Fisheries Development Project: Matsyafed is implementing IFDP projects with financial assistance from National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) for providing assistance to the fishermen for procuring fishing inputs, working capital and other infrastructure facilities. Assisted 72007 Nos. of beneficiaries and 500 Societies with an investment of Rs. 25725.97 Lakh.

3)Motorisation of Country Crafts: Subsidy of Rs. 10000/- for engines below 10 HP for the motorization of country crafts. Rs. 614.75 Lakh given to 7310 Nos. of fishermen.

4)Subsidy for Suitable Components of Fishing Gear: Scheme provides a subsidy of Rs.6000/- per craft powered by OBMs below 10 HP for the purchase of suitable components of fishing gear by fishermen. Rs.169.25 Lakh given to 2755 Nos. of fishermen.

5)Bankable Scheme: The scheme provides 25% subsidy for loan from bank/financial institutions for the purchase of fishing inputs by fishermen. Given Rs. 229.30 Lakh as subsidy to 1288 Nos. of fishermen who had availed bank loans for fishing implements

6)Deep Sea Fishing: Scheme for equipping traditional fishermen to resource specific deep sea fishing and the project outlay is Rs. 488 Lakh for units having 1000 fishermen.

7)Value Addition Phase I & II: Scheme for providing infrastructure facilities for pre-processing near the landing centres. Phase I outlay Rs.99.94 Lakh and Phase II outlay is Rs. 99.95 Lakh. 

8)Fishermen Debt Relief Scheme: Debt Relief Phase I of Rs. 115.03 Crore given to 48,355 beneficiaries of 421 FDWCS under NCDC Scheme. Debt of Rs. 11.82 Crore waived of 9891 beneficiaries under Housing Scheme. Phase II of Rs. 3.59 Crore given to 1077 beneficiaries under NBCFDC, NMDFC Schemes and 8.18 Crore given to 8455 beneficiaries of 245 FDWCS under Society Own Fund. Phase III (TRP) of Rs. 4.44 Crore given to 1997 beneficiaries under NBCFDC, NMDFC Scheme and 9.32 Crore given to 18623 beneficiaries of 282 FDWCS under Society Own Fund.

II.Employment Generation Programmes

1)Schemes for providing term loan and microfinance loan with financial assistance of National Backward Classes Development & Finance Corporation (NBCFDC): Supported 95504 Nos. and of beneficiaries. Amount Rs. 9505.78 Lakh.

2)Schemes for providing term loan and microfinance loan with the assistance of National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation (NMDFC): 81794 Nos. of beneficiaries. Amount Rs. 8860.05 Lakhs.

  1. III.Women Empowerment Programmes

1)SGSY Project: Scheme for providing employment to 2500 fishermen families for producing value added fish and fishery products with an outlay of Rs.1127.50 Lakh. Assisted 990 Nos. of beneficiaries under Phase I.

 2)Interest Free Loan: To prevent the income erosion of women fish vendors due to the high rate of interest charged by the private money lenders for their daily working capital requirement, Matsyafed has launched a new scheme of loan @ Rs. 5,000 to 33,000 women vendors without charging any interest and the interest portion borne by the State Govt. Matsyafed assisted 15,000 women vendors @ Rs.10,000 each in the IInd phase. Phase III Rs. 5,000 each to 20,000 vendors and @ Rs. 10,000/- to 15,000 persons under implementation. Phase IV Rs.15,000/- each to 20,000 fish vendors also under implementation.

IV.shg & microfinance

13,794 Nos of SHG formed with 1,68,322 members. Rs. 4691 Lakh generated as thrift. Micro financing through SHGs crossed an investment of Rs. 114.40 Crore @ 6% interest.

V.Commercial Activities

Matsyafed has many commercial units to support the fishermen in getting their inputs and marketing their output. Commercial unit assist fishermen to get best quality inputs at lower cost in their fishing villages. It also fives focus on improving auction system of the primary societies and also on development of secondary marketing activities.

Matsyafed has two Fish Net Factories at Cochin and Kannur with an installed capacity of 1000 Tons per annum. It has a market share of about 30% of the State requirement and focus in given to the traditional sector webbings. The factory is equipped with latest technology net making machines and processing machine which ensure the best quality fishnet to fishermen. Other fishing accessories like Ropes, Floats, Twine etc. is being traded through these units.

MatsyafedIce and Freezing Plant having a freezing capacity of 30 Tons per day with a storage capacity of 600 Tons. It mainly focuses on the processing of Tuna and export different fish products to different countries. It export mostly tuna in frozen condition to different countries like Thailand, China, Iran, Turkey, France, Spain, Oman, Dubai, Tunisia, Algeria, Sri Lanka, etc. The plant has a special facility called tuna terminal to export high value tuna products to developed markets.

MatsyafedOBM Division import Out Board Motors mainly Suzuki Motors from Japan and sell it directly to fishermen through Vyasa Stores. It has about 13 workshops in different part of Kerala to take care of the repair and service of the engines. It also deals with different electronic items like Eco Sounder, VHF Radios, Insulated Boxes, Crates, etc.

MatsyafedChitin and Chitosan Plant produce different grades of Chitin and Chitosan from the prawn shell waste. The plant has a capacity of 60 Tons Chitin per annum. It is already marketing anti fat formula called Chiton which is used for reduction in weight and good against Fat and Cholesterol.

Matsyafed has two Fish Manure Plant at Azheekode, Thrissur District and at Calicut. It has a manufacturing capacity of 10000 Tons of fish manure per annum. The fish manure is well accepted among the farmers and is used widely under the peoples plan program. These units are working profitably for last many years.

The Commercial Division has 6 Diesel Bunks in different part of the State and has 12 Vyasa Stores to sell fuel as well as fishing equipments. There is joint marketing program with HPCL to sell the 2T Oil to fishermen through primary cooperatives. The total volume of the 2T Oil marketed last year itself is 350KL which forms part of about 10-15% of the total market share.

The Division is implementing many few projects like Fish Meal Plant at Arattupuzha, Alappuzha District, Glucosamine Plant at Paravoor, Alappuzha District, Fish Retailing at Kottayam, Kozhikkode and Ernakulam, Infrastructure creation at landing centres and markets.

VI.Welfare Activities

1)Fishermen Personal Accident Insurance Scheme: The scheme provides compensation of Rs. 3 Lakh to the dependents of fishermen who die in accidents. If the accident leads to disability of 50% or more the compensation will be Rs. 1,50,000/- along with hospital expenses limited to Rs. 60,000/- or the actual expense which ever is less.

2)Matsyafed Input Security Scheme (MISS): Compensating the loss due to accidents and natural calamities sustained to the fishing implements distributed under Matsyafed schemes. So far Matsyafed has assisted 258 beneficiaries amounting to Rs. 57.87 Lakhs.

3)Vanitha Bus: Matsyafed is operating special bus service for the journey of fisherwomen vendors from the landing centres to the market places and back, at nominal rates in Trivandrum &Ernakulam Districts

4)Community Peeling Centres: Matsyafed is running two community peeling centres as a pre-processing facility for the fisherwomen of the area.

5)Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project (KSUDP): It is a joint venture project of Matsyafedwith KSUDP. Theenvisages the livelihood improvement of fishermen community. The project is implemented for the benefit of fishermen groups belong to Fishermen Co-operative Societies functioning under the jurisdiction of Trivandrum, Kollam, Ernakulam and Kozhikkode Corporations.

Total project fund                            -           Rs. 1640.81 Lakhs

KSUDP Share                                 -           Rs.   919.85 Lakhs

Matsyafed Share                             -           Rs.   619.09 Lakhs


VII.Aquaculture Programme

1)Hatcheries and Farms: Running four Prawn Hatcheries with production capacity of 120 million prawn/shrimp seeds each at Thirumullavaram (Kollam), Kaipamangalam(Thrissur), Veliyamcode (Malappuram) and Moplabay(Kannur). Three fish farms for commercial production of fish and prawns at Njarakkal, Malippuram (Ernakulam District)andPalaikkari (Kottayam District).

2)RKVY Project: Schemes implemented with a total cost of Rs. 796.59 Lakhs. Project includes renovation of Farms, Hatcheries &Thenmala Aquarium and construction of new aquariums at Kottayam and Vaikkom.

3)Rainbow Revolution: A scheme for the production and export of ornamental fishes through primary societies in collaboration with KAVIL.

4)Cage Culture: Implementing cage culture ofSea bassin Kasargode District and Etroplus(Pearl spot)in Alappuzha District under RKVY and Kuttanad Package respectively.

5)Mini Aqua Tourism: A unique venture in the state where boating, angling, rowing and other entertainments are provided to the tourists in all farms owned by Matsyafed at Njarakal&Malippuram farms in Ernakulam district and Palaikkari in Kottayam district.

6)Public Aquarium: Matsyafed is running a Public Aquarium and Reseach Centre at Thenmala, Kollam. Another one is functioning at Kottayam in collaboration with KottayamMunicipality.

VIII.Extension and Mass Communication Programmes

Material gains do not necessarily result in an upliftment in social and cultural standards. To achieve this end, the E&MC Division undertakes a lot of capacity building programmes at fishermen, society and officer levels, some of which are listed below.  

  1. Awareness and Mass Contact Programmes
  2. Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)
  3. Management Development Programmes (MDP)
  4. Trainer’s of Trainees (ToT)
  5. Training in Advanced Technologies for Skill Upgradation
  6. Workshops, Seminars and Exhibitions
  7. Publications and Publicity
  8. Future Makers –Training programme for SSLC / +2 students of fishermen families for development of positive mental attitude, effective learning skill, goal setting and leadership.
  9. Revitalisationprogrammes for non –performing primaries
  10. Training to staff, employees and leadership of primaries and SHGs
  11. Training to fishermen and director board members of FDWCS
  12. Training to SHGs for Group Dynamics & Leadership
  13. Training to employees of Matsyafed
  14. 14)Women Empowerment Programmes

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