Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation KSCADC

Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation Limited (KSCADC) is a fully owned State Government Company for integrating the development activities of the coastal area.  With the motto ‘Innovate, Transform, Excel’, KSCADC defines designs and delivers innovative solutions for upgrading the coastal as well as fisheries infrastructure in the state.  KSCADC also undertakes technology acquisition, commercial operations, and its commercialization and provide consultancy.

Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation Limited (KSCADC) has been registered as a State Government Private Limited Company on December 22, 2008.  The operations of the company were started from January 1, 2010 by taking over the activities of the Coastal Area Development Agency.  The State Government have included KSCADC at par with KITCO, KSIDC etc. for executing civil works.

 KSCADC’s mission statement is the “socio economic development of fisher folk through coastal and fisheries infrastructure development, its sustainable management and sectoral interventions.”  The main objectives of the company are coastal and fisheries infrastructure development, ensuring maximum utilization of harvested resources, socio-economic development of fishermen, technology acquisition, mobilization of financial resources, commercialization and consultancy.
Infrastructure Development

  • Model Fishing Villages:  KSCADC is the implementing agency for the Model Fishing Village project having an outlay of Rs.160 crore.  The project envisages creation of essential fisheries and social infrastructure in 11 fishing panchayaths of the state.  The facilities include housing, drinking water, sanitation, roads, fish landing centres, fish dressing centres, electrification and other common facilities.
  • Integrated Development of Fishing Villages:  Under this Rs.50 crore project, 25 fishing villages will be provided with facilities for drinking water and sanitation in 2012-13.
  • Modern Hygienic Fish Markets:  50 modern hygienic fish markets will be constructed throughout Kerala with the assistance of NFDB.  The Rs.80 crore project is progressing in 6 places at a fast pace.
  • Integrated Coastal Area Development Programme:  The scheme aims at integrated development of coastal districts.  The project is nearing completion in 5 districts.  The total outlay is around Rs.30 crore.
  • RIDF schemes:  With the assistance from NABARD under Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF), basic infrastructure facilities like drinking water, drainage, roads, fish landing centres are being provided in rural areas of Thiruvananthapuram at a total cost of Rs.10.89 crore.
  • Fisheries University:  KSCADC is implementing the prestigious project of constructing the University building and campus of the newly formed Kerala University for Fisheries & Ocean Studies.  The first phase of the project is for Rs.10 crore and the total outlay is expected to be around Rs.60 crore.
  • Satellite Farm at Neyyar:  KSCADC has successfully completed the construction of Asia’s largest aqua farm for ornamental fish rearing at Neyyar in Thiruvananthapuram at a total project cost of Rs.5 crore.
  • Fisheries Schools:  KSCADC is the implementing agency for the Rs.40 croreproject for renovation of 10 fisheries schools in Kerala.
  • KSCADC is also implementing a number of other infrastructure projects like creating of artificial reef, construction of Modern Fish Dressing Centres, Solar Fish Drying Units, MatsyaVigjanKendras, Fisheries hospitals, Coastal roads, Desalination Plants etc.

Commercial Operations

Through Commercial Operations, KSCADC aims to address the most critical challenges in the post-harvest management of fish through an innovative business model.  Here the long standing challenge of fish wastage to the tune of 20-30% of fish catch as trash and spoilage is transformed, into an opportunity for value addition.  This in turn will increase the income of fisher folk, provide employment to Self Help groups and entrepreneurs and augment the nutritional value of food products offered to consumers.  Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation Limited (KSCADC) and Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) under the National Agricultural Innovative Project (NAIP) have come together to create a brand of value added products called Fish Maid, which has yielded excellent feed back during test marketing.  KSCADC is establishing a chain of 100 kiosks throughout Kerala for marketing of Fish Maid products, dried fish and dressed fish products which will be supported by excellent packaging, marketing and promotional support.

Technology Acquisition

  • Integrated Sea Safety Project:  KSCADC is the nodal agency for implementing the Integrated Sea Safety Project that envisages vessel tracking, detection and identification of vessels and establishment of communication systems and monitoring facilities.
  • Deep Sea Fishing:  365 traditional fishing crafts are being equipped for Deep Sea fishing.  Each craft will be provided with Insulated box for stay fishing, GPS for navigation, fishing gears, artificial baits etc. to enable them to tap the deep sea resources.
  • Fuel Efficient Marine Engines:  KSCADC in association with research institutions are developing fuel efficient marine engines which will result in substantial savings for fishermen per fishing effort.
  • Waste Management:  KSCADC is in the process of developing innovative solutions for waste management.

Major chunk of the fish production and substantial foreign exchange earnings could well be attributed to the sweat and toil of the fishing folk, which sadly remain marginalized even today. It is therefore imperative that the State Government does all that it can to promote their social and economic lot. Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation is one such instrument of the State administration established to ensure holistic transformation of the coastal region. Functioning as it is in a mission mode in a flexible ambience, the corporation is going full steam to attain its goal.

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